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HackMaster: Robinloft


An adventure aimed at 5th-7th level characters.

Publisher's blurb: "Welcome to Robinloft, a gloomy realm of despair and gothic horror. This HackMaster version of the classic Ravenloft adventure is sure to keep your players on edge with plenty of twists and turns as they try to escape from Count Vlad'Neer. This horrific module includes new monsters and other features that have helped make HackMaster the 2001 Game of the Year."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Brian Jelke and Ray Ennis
Publishers' Reference: K&C2204
ISBN: 1-889182-33-8
Paperback, 64 pages
Date: December 2002

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Product page last updated: 26 August 2006