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Dungeons & Dragons: The Andwan Legacy

The Andwan Legacy

This is an adventure for a group of players of 4th-5th level, and it takes place in an unnamed small town - so you can locate it wherever is convenient within your campaign. It provides both role-playing and combat opportunities for your players.

It is presented in an attractive manner, with a stone-effect top border and rather cartoon-like NPC illustrations, counterbalanced by beautifully-drawn maps. The print size is over-large. For those who like to use miniatures with their games, three of the locations most likely to see combat are provided with 'battlemaps.'

The content, however, is well done with an overview of the story followed by more detailed information, beginning with the characters being approached by a beautiful lady (and two thug-like bodyguards) while relaxing in a tavern. The whole adventure is presented as a series of Events (most of which can occur in any order as the characters interact with the story) and Locations, which the characters may visit in their travels. Each person encountered has sufficient detail to enable them to be played as a distinct character in his own right (while detailed statistics are to be found at the back of the book). Most of the locations are part of the Andwan villa, and each room is given a detailed description which should make dealing with the usual player question, "What can I see?" easy.

The actual plotline itself is is quite straightforward but believable, with enough duplicity going on to make the characters have to think. Each NPC has his own reasons for being there, and it's possible to imagine them all going about their own affairs even if they hadn't chosen to bring the characters in to... well, solve a certain problem for them. The problem's valid enough, by the way.

It's a nice adventure, probably good for an evening or possibly 2 of play, and it's self-contained so that it can be dropped in just about anywhere as suits the course of your campaign.

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