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Dungeons & Dragons: Explore - Entrance Room

Explore: Entrance Room

An excellent way to introduce your players to whatever you have in store, show them some pictures of the entrance to the dungeon, or even let them look around for themselves on the computer screen... and then ask them which way they'd like to go.

The room is T-shaped, with a long flight of stairs opposite a set of double doors, and a door to each side down short corridors. Depending on your layout, the flight of stairs (which leads down into this room) or the double doors may be the way in.

Like the rest of the first batch of Explore product, it's based on the Entrance Room in Battlemaps: Dungeon Rooms Vol.1, and comes with 4 pre-generated views as well as a movie file that can be viewed using Quicktime to create your own snapshots or to scan around the whole room.

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