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A|State: Ghostfighter


Extended details of one of the iconic groups to be found in the city.

Publisher's blurb: "Ghostfighter' takes a long, hard look at these eponymous knife-fighters. From their philosophy and culture to their weapons and tactics, Ghostfighter gives you all you need to know these dangerous individuals.

"Ghostfighter contains:

  • Background information on the culture, methods, tattoos, scars, slang and mindset of the Ghostfighters.
  • Tips on integrating a Ghostfighter into a|state PC groups, or running all-Ghostfighter groups.
  • Ghostfighter-specific character creation notes, with new advantages, disadvantages and specialist skills.
  • The tools of the trade: Melee weapons and specialist kit, including the legendary Llives.
  • 6 famous (or infamous) Ghostfighters currently at-large in The City.
  • 5 pre-designed character templates, offering different outlooks on the career of the Ghostfighter. From the wild young Radge, to the fanatical Fallen Angel, these are 5 radically different ways of looking at Ghostfighters."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Gregor Hutton, Malcolm Craig, & Mark Whalley
Publishers' Reference: CTD003
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 40 pages
Date: March 2005

No longer available

Product page last updated: 3 August 2021