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ENnies Submissions 2020

The ENnies Awards

Here is the complete list of entries for the 2020 awards.

+1 Forward

  • +1 Forward

6d6 Fireball

  • The Last Stand of the Dream Guard

8 Drone Games

  • Big Trouble Settings Guide and Rules

9th Level Games

  • The Excellents: Excellent Princess Roleplaying
  • MAZES The Polymorph RPG of Dungeons and Dangers

23rd Century Productions

  • Battlelords of the 23rd Century
  • Battlelords of the 23rd Century (pdf)
  • Battlelords of the 23rd Century Quick-Start Rules

AAW Games

  • Earl Grey, Hot
  • Future's Past: Tomorrow's End

Aaron King

  • Reading the Apocalypse

Aaron Reed

  • Downcrawl

Across Eberron

  • Eberronicon: A Pocket Guide to the World

Action Fiction

  • Monsters of Murka

Ad Infinitum Adventures

  • Icons Presents
  • Icons Rogues

Adam Hancock

  • Balduran's Guide to Kingdom Building

The Adventure Guild

  • Quest Game Book
  • Quest Core Deck
  • Quest Adventure Deck
  • Quest website

Ain't Slayed Nobody

  • Ain't Slayed Nobody

Alex Clippinger

  • Dragonshard Sundown
  • Sharn: City of Blood!
  • Skullport: Dragon Swindle

Alexa Games Games

  • Starfinder: the Voice RPG

Alligator Alley Entertainment

  • Esper Genesis Core Manual
  • Esper Genesis Threats Database

Amr Ammourazz

  • Dream At High Noon

Andrew Bishkinskyi

  • Across Eberron Episode 8: March of Madness
  • Sisterhood of the Blade
  • When Mages Fall

Andrews McMeel Publishing

  • MAIN GAUCHE: Grim & Perilous RPG (Phone PDF)
  • MAIN GAUCHE: Grim & Perilous RPG
  • ZWEIHANDER RPG: Player's Handbook (Phone PDF)
  • Zweihander Grim & Perilous RPG: Player's Handbook
  • ZWEIHANDER RPG: Character Folio

Anna Landin

  • The Dark Below

Angry Hamster Publishing

  • Afterlife: Wandering Souls

Anthony Joyce

  • The Blood Hunter
  • The Heir of Orcus: Verse III

Anthony Joyce and Justice Arman

  • Baldur's Gate: The Fall of Elturel

Anthony Joyce and Jeremy Forbing

  • The Heir of Orcus: Verse IV

Anthony Joyce and Oliver Clegg

  • Weekend at Strahd's

Appendix N Book Club

  • Appendix N Book Club

Araukana Media LTD

  • Nibiru Corebook

Arc Dream Publishing

  • Delta Green Patreon
  • Delta Green: Control Group
  • Delta Green: Ex Oblivione
  • Delta Green: The Labyrinth
  • The King in Yellow: Annotated Edition
  • Swords & Sorceries: The Tomb of Fire

Arcana Games

  • Arkadia: The Greek Setting for 5e
  • Arkadia: Music and Ambiance CD
  • Fate of the Oracle

Arcanist Press

  • Warlock Codex of Law and Chaos

Ardacious Pty Ltd

  • Ardent Roleplay: augmented reality for TTRPGs
  • Virtual miniatures for The Haunting

Asians Represent

  • Asians Represent Podcast

Astrolago Press

  • Witch+Craft

Atlas Games

  • Over the Edge, 3rd Edition
  • Over the Edge Dice Set
  • Over the Edge: Poster Map of the Edge
  • Over the Edge: Sounds from the Edge
  • Over the Edge: Welcome to the Island

Baby Beard Media

  • Role To Cast

Bastionland Press

  • Electric Bastionland

Bedrock Games

  • Strange Tales of Songling

Ben Auden Roswell

  • Together We Write Private Cathedrals

Bianca Canoza

  • Ichor Night
  • Peril of the Fat Prince

Birch and Bat Studios

  • Imaginarium
  • Tiny Stories

Bix Six Adventures

  • The Village Monster: A Hero Kids Compatible Adventure

Black Armada Games

  • Bite Marks
  • Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars

Black Monk Games

  • Call of Cthulhu Keepers Rulebook - Polish Edition

Blasphemous Tomes

  • The Good Friends of Jackson Elias

Brittannia Game Designs Ltd

  • Chivalry and Sorcery 5th Edition Digital Edition
  • Chivalry & Sorcery 5th Edition: Creag Hill
  • Chivalry & Sorcery 5th Edition: Nightwalkers
  • Chivalry & Sorcery Treason

Black Void Games

  • Black Void Core RPG
  • Those Who Would be Gods: A Black Void RPG Campaign

BPB Games

  • Savage Tokusatsu: Kaiju, Mechs, and Heroes for Savage Worlds
  • Savage Tokusatsu: Shimmer Guardians!

Brian McLachlan

  • Mastering Riddles, Puzzles, & Mazes

Bullypup Publishing

  • Session Zero: An Introduction To The World of Roleplaying Games

Burning Games

  • Dragons Conquer America: Core Book

Campaign Mastery

  • Campaign Mastery

Cannibal Halfling Gaming

  • Cannibal Halfling Gaming

Castles and Humans

  • The Incredible World of Doors & Locks

Cat Evans

  • Jolene - or, the Beauty from Beyond the Stars
  • Midwinter Ghost Stories

Cat Evans & Alicia Furness

  • The Dashing Kobold Kavalry; Or, A Confusion of Weasels
  • Eat the Rich Anthology Volume 1

Certain Death Publishing

  • Bleak Spirit
  • The One

Chaosium Inc.

  • Call of Cthulhu: Alone Against the Frost
  • Call of Cthulhu: A Cold Fire Within
  • Call of Cthulhu: Berlin the Wicked City
  • Call of Cthulhu: Dead Light and Other Dark Turns
  • Call of Cthulhu: Gateways to Terror
  • Harlem Unbound Second Edition
  • Paladin Adventures
  • Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne
  • RuneQuest: The Smoking Ruin and Other Stories
  • The RuneQuest Coloring Book

Choose Cthulhu

  • Choose Cthulhu

Christopher M. Cevasco

  • Bound to Avernus: Warlock Customization
  • The Mourned: A Playable Undead Race
  • The Primal Gith: A Lost Race Rediscovered
  • Ruea's Ultimate Guide to Radiance

Christopher Grey

  • 10 Workers United
  • 30 to 50 Feral Cards
  • Goddamn F*cking Dragons, A Novel About Terrible Heroes

Cloven Pine Games

  • Secret Science Sewer Siblings
  • Wayfarer's End

Corey Hickson

  • Grandmother Crookbessom's Book of Hags

The Coven

  • Frigid
  • The Pride Collection

Creature Curation/Norse Foundry

  • Atmar's Cardography: Below the Forest of the Dead
  • Atmar's Cardography: Dangerous Traps and Obstacles
  • Atmar's Cardography: Magical Items and Artifacts
  • Atmar's Cardography: Tunneling the Wajue Mines

Cubicle 7

  • Doctor Who Roleplaying Game: The Twelfth Doctor Sourcebook
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Starter Set
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Rough Nights & Hard Days

d-Infinity Online

  • d-Infinity Online Game Magazine

D&D Adventurers League

  • Pipyap's Guide to All of the Nine Hells

D&D Adventurers League (Eberron Campaign)

  • Eberron: Oracle of War (Spoils of War storyline)
  • Oracle of War: The Iron Titan

Dave Thaumavore

  • Dave Thaumavore (on YouTube)

David Cox

  • A Rasp of Sand

David Markiwsky

  • Friends, Foes and Other Fine Folk

DDE Adventures

  • Avarice

Dee Pennyway

  • Mnemonic: Cracks in the Mirror
  • Mnemonic: Lost in the Grey

Delenia Creations

  • Awakened Blades

Density Media

  • Dance 'Til Dawn Quickstart
  • Drive-Ins & DJs
  • Exphrasis
  • Hi-Ho!
  • Modern Masters
  • Urban Manhunt: Family Fun Night


  • Ultramodern5-REDUX


  • The King's Road: An Epic Fantasy Campaign
  • Dicegeeks.com Tabletop RPG Show

Donathin Frye and Kienna Shaw

  • To Hell & Back Again

DMs Guild Adepts

  • Oracle of War: Salvage Bases & Missions


  • DNDSpeak Website

Don't Split the Podcast Network

  • Behold Her Podcast
  • Table Top Babble

The Dovetailor

  • Across This Wasteland With You
  • Asian Acceptance

Dragon Turtle Games Ltd.

  • Carbon 2185: A Cyberpunk RPG Core Rulebook
  • Interlinked: A Carbon 2185 Mission Book

Dream Machine Productions

  • The Alexandrian

Dream Realm Storytellers

  • Corpus Malicious Demo Booklet
  • Svilland: The Norse Setting for 5E

Drew Dawes

  • Glittergold's Clockwork Combat

Drop Dead Studios LLC

  • Ultimate Spheres of Power

Dungeon Channel

  • DunGen.app

Dungeon in a Box

  • Dungeon in a Box: Voyage of the Fallen Star

Dungeon Solvers

  • Dungeon Solvers

Elder Brain

  • Year Of Rogue Dragons

Ember + Ash

  • Project Galileo
  • Shiver

Emmy Allen

  • Esoteric Enterprises

Encoded Designs

  • The Streets of Avalon
  • Turning Point Quickstart Rules

Enlightened Role-Playing

  • Curiosity Made the Adventurer

Exalted Funeral Press

  • Seekers Beyond the Shroud
  • The Ultraviolet Grasslands and the Black City

Expeditious Retreat Press

  • The Halls of Arden Vul Complete

Exit Pursued by Owlbear Team

  • Exit Pursued by Owlbear: A Shakespeare D&D Anthology

Explorer's Guild Publishing

  • Wolves of Steadwick

The Fandomentals

  • The Fandomentals Gaming
  • Faeforge Academy (podcast)

Fandible Podcast Network

  • Fandible Actual Play Podcast
  • Fandible Numenera Longshot
  • Fandible Soloshot: Star Wars: Force and Destiny Actual Play Podcast

Fear the Boot

  • The Adventures of Young & Holt
  • Gunn for Hire

Felix J

  • New Horizon: All-In-One Core Book

Ferocious Games Limited

  • Dystopia 23 Core Rulebook
  • Dystopia 23 Equipment Book
  • History of the Future
  • Raven Sky
  • Dystopia 23 Primer

Focal Point Gallery

  • The World After

Free League Publishing

  • ALIEN the RPG
  • Chariot of the Gods
  • MÖRK BORG Artpunk RPG
  • Symbar: Mother of Darkness

Gallant Knight Games

  • The Great American Novel
  • Zorro: The Roleplaying Game

The Gauntlet

  • Fear of a Black Dragon
  • The Gauntlet Podcast

Games Omnivorous

  • 17th Century Minimalist: A Historical Low-Fantasy OSR Rulebook
  • 17th Century Minimalist: Mini Adventure Folder
  • Bring Me Her Bones
  • The Feast on Titanhead

Gale Force Nine

  • Dune

Games Omnivorous (co-edited by Exalted Funeral)

  • Death Robot Jungle


  • Party First

GBDW Games

  • Station Hunt: The RPG of Survival in Isolation

Gear Games

  • Vulcania: The Roleplaying Game

Geeks Table

  • RPG Table Finder

Gehenna Gaming

  • VirtualHorror Con: The world's first virtual horror tabletop RPG convention

Genesis of Legend Publishing

  • After the War

Gila RPGs

  • Score

the glyphpress



  • C A S S 1 N 1

Go Nerdy, LLC

  • Out of the Pan: A Power Outage Adventure

Goat Song Publishing

  • An Angelical Year in the Angelical Life of an Angelical Life
  • Cold Comforts

Goatman's Goblet

  • Rakehell, Issue 1: The Rift of Mar-Milloir

Golden Goblin Press

  • An Inner Darkness
  • Tails of Valor

Gordon McAlpin

  • Death by Goblins!

Grand Scheme Publishing

  • The King of Dungeons

Greasy Snitches

  • Brotherhood
  • Minauros Unchained
  • Stygia Untamed
  • Tainted Love

Green Ronin Publishing

  • Campaign Builder's Guide
  • The Expanse Roleplaying Game
  • The Expanse: Abzu's Bounty
  • Fantasy AGE Lairs
  • Modern AGE Enemies & Allies
  • Modern AGE Threefold
  • Modern AGE Threefold Quickstart
  • Roadtrip to Ruin
  • Shadowtide: Recipes from Aldea
  • Sovereigns of the Blue Rose
  • Superteam Handbook
  • Time Traveler's Codex


  • Final Lap

Gun Metal Games

  • Interface Zero 3.0: The Player's Guide to 2095

Handiwork Games

  • The Hermit's Sanctuary for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes

Happy Monster Press

  • Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776 for Savage Worlds

Heart of the Deernicorn

  • BFF! Best Friends Forever

Hedgemaze Press

  • Girl Underground

Hellbound Heists

  • Hellbound Heists

Hero Games

  • Champions Now

Highland Paranormal Society

  • The Lost Isle
  • The Moldy Unicorn
  • Primeval Holt Of The Elk Lords
  • The Stolen City
  • Tunnel Goons
  • What Child Is This?

Hirukoa Publising House

  • Little Fears: Cthulhu's Tales

Hit Point Press

  • Alderheart Box Set (Humblewood Deluxe Set)
  • Big Bad Booklet Issues 1-6
  • Deck of Many Animated Spells
  • The Griffon's Saddlebag - Vol. 1 and 2
  • Humblewood Box Set
  • Humblewood Hardcover Campaign Book
  • Humblewood Miniatures

Horse Shark Games

  • The House of the Red Doors (DCC RPG)

Hydra Cooperative (co-edited by Exalted Funeral)

  • Lorn Song of the Bachelor

Ibi Deficit Orbis

  • Tween Wolf

Inkwell Ideas

  • DungeonMorphs Book of Modular Encounters
  • DungeonMorph Delver, Trailblazer, & Voyager 10" Tiles

Imaginary Empire Games

  • Coming in Hot

Into the Darkness Video Podcast

  • Into the Darkness Video Podcast
  • Into the Darkness Video (Website)

Introcaso Creative

  • World Builder Blog

J. Halk Games

  • Cult of Petosega
  • Grove of the Disco Duck
  • Ionic Dragons: The Book of Chaotic Dragons
  • The Missing Villagers
  • Velour Palace of the Disco Emperor

Jack Rosetree and Doug Levandowski

  • Friendly Distance Bundle

Jared Sinclair

  • Anti-Sisyphus
  • Prismot! A Troikawave Zine, Issue 1

Jason Miscia

  • The Bedtime Man
  • Ravenloft Gazetteer: Verbrek

Jason Panella

  • The Only Way To Be Sure

Jeremy Forbing

  • Masque of the Red Death Player's Guide

Jessica Marcum Writes

  • Book of Seasons: Equinoxes
  • Book of Seasons: Solstices
  • College of Caterwauling
  • Erasure

Joe Raso

  • Terror Beneath the Frozen Gate

Justice Arman

  • Devil's Advocate: A Guide to Infernal Contracts
  • Step Right Up

Justice Arman, Anthony Joyce, Anne Gregerson, and Gordon McAlpin

  • Baldur's Gate: City Encounters

Justice Arman, Anthony Joyce, Trevor Armstrong, M.T. Black, Jeremy Forbing, Laura Hirsbrunner, and Ed Greenwood

  • Elminster's Candlekeep Companion

Justin Joyce

  • Geese At The Beach: Creatures Tasked With Collecting Things For The Feathery Overlord
  • High Noon

Just Insert Imagination

  • Tuffguys
  • Wiseguys: The Savage Guide to Organized Crime

JVC Parry

  • Call from the Deep

Keith Ammann

  • The Monsters Know What They Are Doing

Ken Davidson

  • Working For the Corp

Kinoko Games

  • Dark Alleys & Twisted Paths (13th Age)

Knight Owl Publishing

  • Worm Witch


  • Age of Myth: Ancient World Supplement for Fifth Edition

Kobold Press

  • Tales of the Old Margreve for 5th Edition

La Librería Digital

  • Digital d20 Adventures

L A Wilga

  • Sundown

Lagging Dice

  • Dashing Scoundrels
  • Dust Bowl Galaxy

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

  • Barbarians of Orange Boiling Seas
  • Menagerie of Exiles
  • More than Meets the Eye
  • Zak Has Nothing to do with This Book

Last Word Audio

  • Designers & Dragons: The '70s A History of the Roleplaying Game Industry
  • Never Unprepared
  • Kobold Guide to Magic
  • Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering
  • Play Unsafe

Le Trip Fantastique

  • FAST DRAW, the RPG initiation engine

Learn Larp, LLC

  • Magimundi Bestiary 5th Edition (5e)

Leatherman Games

  • Glitter Hearts

Loke Battlemats

  • Dungeon Books of Battlemats
  • Dungeon Decorations

Loot the Room

  • The Wretched

Lost Dutchman Publishing

  • Against Expanses
  • Dreadful
  • In the Shadow of Giants
  • Monster Roster II: Arctic Anamalies
  • The Wyrd of Stromgard

Lost Highway Games

  • Hit the Streets: Defend the Block

Lucian Kahn

  • Visigoths vs Mall Goths

LunarShadow Designs

  • The Synth Convergence

Luciella Elisabeth Scarlett

  • Cage of Sands
  • Defeat the Demon Lord (But With Table Tennis)
  • Pride & Princes
  • The Swamp Beast

Lydia Van Hoy, Sadie Lowry, Kayla Bayens, & Ciarra Parry

  • The Adventurer's Domestic Handbook

Ma'at Crook

  • Protégé of the Trampling Forest

Machine Age Productions

  • #iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy

Mage Hand Press

  • Dark Matter

Magpie Games

  • Zombie World
  • Zombie World: The Farm
  • Zombie World: The Mall

Many Realms

  • Many Realms

Mahar Mangahas

  • A Touch of Glamour

Mayhem in Paper

  • Cyberpunk Forces
  • Hosting Site (OneMonk)

Makenzie De Armas

  • Birb Brains
  • i've been
  • Knarl's Candy Compendium
  • Pneumamancy

Magnificent Creations

  • The Corwyn Catacombs

Matthew Ryan Kay

  • Mud & Blood: A podcast dark & grim

Matthew Whitby, Anne Gregersen and Justice Arman

  • Volo's Guide to Getting Murdered

Melsonian Arts Council

  • Frond of Benevolence
  • Fungi of the Far Realms
  • Wet Grandpa

Michael Elliott


Michael Van Vleet

  • A Warm and Pleasant Hum

Micro RPG

  • Micro Chapbook RPG Deluxe Core Rulebook

Miki Games

  • Flight of the Magpies: an Eberron adventure
  • Wouter's Worldly Wunderkammer

Misdirected Mark Productions

  • Panda's Talking Games

Modiphius Entertainment

  • Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter of Mars: Adventures in a Dying world of Barsoom
  • Star Trek Adventures: Strange New Worlds - Mission Compendium Vol. 2 Supplement
  • Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition: Fall of London

Monkey Mind Tabletop

  • A Little Competition Never Hurt Anyone
  • Secrets of the Cure
  • Secrets of Imaginary Friends

MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing

  • City of Great Lunden
  • Handy Maps Towns and Villages

Monkeyfun Studios

  • A Town Called Malice

Molten Sulfur Press

  • Molten Sulfur Blog

Mother Multiverse Media

  • Vector! Attack of the Metapirates

Mousehole Press


MT Black Games

  • Mordenkainen's Tome of Marvelous Magic
  • Shield of the Hidden Lord

Mystical Throne Entertainment

  • Beyond the Firelight Deluxe
  • The Fallen
  • Little Heroes Deluxe

Mythical Normal LLC

  • Inhuman Conditions: A Game of Cops and Robots


  • Imp of the Perverse: Psychological Horror & Monster-Hunting in Jacksonian Gothic America

Necrotic Gnome

  • Old-School Essentials Black Box
  • Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy Rogues Gallery I
  • Old-School Essentials System Reference Document
  • Old-School Essentials Generators

Newstand Press

  • Flying Circus

Nightpath Publishing

  • Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG
  • Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG (Quick Start Guide)
  • Entromancy: Hacker Battles
  • Not-So-Super Villains
  • Entromancy: Book One of the Nightpath Trilogy
  • Technomancy: Book Two of the Nightpath Trilogy
  • Shadowmancy: Book Three of the Nightpath Trilogy

No Road Home Studio

  • Stewpot: Tales from a Fantasy Tavern

Noah Grand

  • Jaunt to the Center of Faerun
  • Toxicity

Nor Cal Mythos Entertainment

  • Carbyne Jungle Core Rulebook

Norse Foundry

  • Adventure Compass (Skull)
  • Adventure Compass (Dragon)

Okapi Games

  • The Words and Deeds of The Chain of Tlachic

Okumarts Games

  • Adorkable Dungeons: Heroes Set One
  • Darkfast Dungeons: Fantasy Adventure Game Basic Rulebook
  • Pulp Inc. Set Three: Eldritch Investigators
  • Retro Space Set Ten: Space Station Set

Oliver Clegg

  • Killer Kobolds from Outer Space

On the Shoulders of Dwarves

  • On the Shoulders of Dwarves

The Other Side

  • The Other Side blog
  • The Warlock for Old-School Essentials

P.B. Publishing

  • Wranglers of Westhallow - Beginnings Collection

Paizo Fans United

  • Wayfinder #19: Destination: Absalom Station

paNik productions

  • Modern Character Tokens


  • Advantage in Paradice

Party Of One Podcast

  • Party Of One Podcast

Pelgrane Press

  • Absinthe in Carcosa
  • The Best of Intentions - a Night's Black Agents: Solo Ops adventure
  • Eyes of the Stone Thief - 5th Edition Compatible
  • Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff
  • The Missing and the Lost - a Yellow King RPG novel
  • Night's Black Agents Director's Screen & Resource Guide
  • Night's Black Agents: Solo Ops
  • See Page XX - the Pelgrane Press webzine
  • Shards of the Broken Sky
  • The Yellow King Roleplaying Game
  • The Yellow King RPG Suite - music for the Yellow King RPG

Petit Guignol

  • Cold War Navy
  • Our Vacation
  • Thousand Year Old Vampire


  • Clown Helsing
  • Figment

Plane Sailing Games Limited

  • A Cool and Lonely Courage

Planet X Games

  • The Phylactery #1

Plot Points Productions

  • Encounter Theory: The Adventure Design Workbook
  • Plot Points Podcast

Polyhedra Games

  • Justice Velocity

Possum Games

  • Esoteric
  • Sleepaway

Posthuman Studios

  • Eclipse Phase 2E

Power Word Roll

  • Power Word Roll

The Princess Project

  • The Princess Project


  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 Dice Set

Questing Beast

  • Questing Beast

Random Alien Games

  • Free Spacer
  • Sector Archives

Red Scales Publishing

  • Koryo Hall of Adventures Adventurer's Guide to Jeosung

Renegade Game Studios

  • Overlight: The Ivory Mausoleum

Renegade Game Studios/Hunters Entertainment

  • Icarus
  • Kids On Bikes: Strange Adventures Volume Two
  • Outbreak Undead 2ed: Gamemaster's Guide
  • Teens In Space

Reviews from R'lyeh

  • Reviews from R'lyeh

Richard Malena-Webber

  • Empyrean Investigations

Richard Woolcock

  • Fantasy Archetypes
  • The Gobfather
  • Tricube Tales

Riverhouse Games

  • Game Closet: An Informal Chat Show With Queer & LGBT+ TTRPGs
  • Games Unruly Rending Piping Sense: The Treachery Of Images
  • Jellyfish Are Not Real
  • The Treasure At The End Of This Dungeon Is An Escape From This Dungeon And We Will Never Escape From This Dungeon

River Horse

  • Jim Henson's Labyrinth, the Adventure Game


  • RJD20

Robbie Pleasant

  • Where is She?

Roll for Persuasion

  • Dr. Megan Connell is Using D&D to Help Improve Mental Health

Rolling Boxcars

  • Tube Screamer Dungeon Part One: Proof of Concept


  • The Moon: A Warlock patron

Rowan, Rook and Decard

  • Black Magic: A Spire Sourcebook
  • Eidolon Sky: A Spire Scenario
  • Heart: The City Beneath Quickstart Edition
  • Royal Blood: A Game Of Cards
  • Sexy Battle Wizards
  • Strata: A Spire sourcebook
  • This Is Not A Place Of Honour

Ryan Langr

  • Grazilaxx's Guide to Ancestry
  • Master of None: Multiclassing Variants and Roleplay Suggestions

Sam Tung & Sam Roberts

  • Escape from Dino Island

Samjoko Publishing

  • Hack the Planet: Cyberpunk Forged in the Dark
  • Never Knows Best

Saga Press

  • The Monsters Know What They Are Doing

Sandy Pug Games

  • Americana
  • Ego

Saturday Morning Scenarios

  • Harper's Tale: a forest based adventure path for 5e
  • Whispers in the Dark: Quickstart rules for 5e

Savage Worlds Adventure Guild

  • The Wolverines Take the Highway to the Danger Zone


  • RPG Writer Workshop
  • Uncaged Volume II
  • Uncaged Volume III
  • Uncaged Volume IV

Seth Skorkowsky

  • Character Backstories

Shawn Tomkin and Matt Click

  • Ironsworn: Delve

Sigil Stone Publishing

  • Five Torches Deep

Silver Hoof Games

  • Our Bucket List
  • Postcard from the Expedition
  • See You in Hell
  • Silver Hoof Games (website)

Sinister Beard Games

  • Quietus: A roleplaying game of melancholy horror

Skirmisher Publishing LLC

  • 100 Oddities for a Pilgrimage Trail
  • City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities
  • In the Footsteps of Hercules (A Universal RPG Sourcebook)
  • The Prop Room
  • Troll Warband (A Faction for 'Ragnarok: Age of Wolves')
  • Skirmisher Publishing LLC (Website)

Sly Flourish

  • Fantastic Adventures: Ruins of the Grendleroot
  • Sly Flourish: Building the Better D&D Dungeon Master

Smooching Knife

  • TTRPG Safety Toolkit

Sneak Attack Press

  • The Runewild Campaign Setting

Son of Oak Game Studio

  • City of Mist 'All-Seeing Eye Investigations' Starter Set
  • City of Mist Roll20 Starter Set

SoulMuppet Publishing

  • Best Left Buried: Beneath The Missing Sea

Space Orange 42

  • Aces High! (SWADE Option)
  • Be-Movie
  • Gold & Glory: The Halls of the Damned
  • Hope & Glory: Player's Handbook
  • Hope & Glory: Master's Guide
  • Gold & Glory: Ebenezer's Gold
  • Gold & Glory: Seven Deadly Dungeons
  • Scheherazade: The One Thousand and One Nights RPG
  • Shidee - The Tales of Our Journey


  • Spellburn

Starlit Games

  • Pythos Tabletop Roleplaying Game
  • Pythos Tabletop Roleplaying Game: Quick Start Edition
  • Starstruck Mountain, Pythos Adventure Module

Stratos Fotakis

  • Nameia's Crimson Tome

Stephen Wood Games

  • Wild Lands

Steven Colling

  • Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles Regular

Steve Orr & Bill Putrino

  • How The Lich Stole Christmas
  • Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities
  • Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities II

Studio Agate

  • ADELIANE Album
  • Fateforge Adventures
  • Fateforge Grimoire
  • Fateforge Player's Guide
  • Shadows over Esteren Dearg

Stygian Fox

  • New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley 2nd ed.
  • Thorston, The Shunned Town On The Dee

The Story Told RPG Podcast

  • The Story Told 2020 Ennie Submission


  • One Last Fight

Sweden Rolls

  • Sweden Rolls

Swordfish Islands LLC

  • Super Blood Harvest
  • The Tomb of Black Sand

Sword Queen Games

  • BALIKBAYAN: Returning Home

TAG Sessions

  • Cat's Dream

Tatoskok Studios

  • Malar: The Beastlord Compendium

Taylor University PWR Press

  • Call of Cthulhu: Refractions of Glasston

Thick Skull Adventures

  • The Last Will and Testament of Obediah Felkner

Three Minds Software

  • Other World Mapper

Tin Star Games

  • Lancing With Myself
  • Relics: A Game of Angels

Total Party Thrill

  • TPT #237: Stealing From Forged in the Dark & The Night Fox


  • The Seas of Vodari: Swashbuckling & Sorcery on the High Seas

Tuesday Knight Games

  • Pound of Flesh
  • Hivemind

Trilemma Adventures

  • Trilemma Adventures Vol 1

Twelve-Sided Stories

  • Unquiet Blood Ep 10

UK CCC Writers

  • Bourne of Candles
  • The Tainted Grove

Uri Lifshitz

  • Escaping Thalamus's Lab
  • Rolling With Laughter: A Guide for Running Comedy Adventure

Victor A. Gonzalez

  • Monstrous Logic Monster A.I. - Goblins and Orcs

Unbreakable Publishers

  • Unbreakable Anthology Volume 1

Underground Oracle Publishing

  • Realms of The Underground: Underground Oracle Quarterly Vol. 2

Up to 4 Players

  • Crystal Heart
  • Crystal Heart Web Comic


  • S.C.R.E.A.M. - The Horror

Vance Games

  • Arawn's Challenge
  • Escape From the Demon Inn

VJH Creations

  • Restless: A Guide to Laying Incorporeal Undead to Rest

Vintage RPG

  • Vintage RPG
  • The Vintage RPG Podcast

Vorpal Dice Press

  • Amarune's Almanac: Forests of the Realms
  • Prism: Light & Magic

Wannabe Games

  • MoonPunk

Web DM Entertainment

  • Web DM

We Hate Bards LLC

  • PUNKTOWN Episode 5: In The Meantime
  • PUNKTOWN Episode 10: The Facility

Weird Age Games

  • Retrocausality

Wet Ink Games

  • Never Going Home
  • Never Going Home: Tome of Corrupted Beasts
  • Never Going Home: Book of Whispers

Will Brolley, Imogen Gingell, and Laura Hirsbrunner

  • Archetypes of Eberron

Willy Abeel

  • Necromancy Can Be Good
  • Uncovered Wonders: About Barbarians
  • Uncovered Wonders: About Wizards

Windmill Slam Games

  • Gally & Grumble Terrific Travels
  • Monsters & Magic: The 5e Bestiary & Treasury

Wisdom Under Fire Team

  • Wisdom Under Fire - Wom-battle the Blaze

Wizards of the Coast

  • Mordenkainen's Fiendish Folio, Volume 1: Creatures Malevolent and Benign

Wizards and Wine

  • Wizards and Wine

Zan's Adventures

  • The Wild Wolves of East Wood

Zombie Sky Press

  • Along the Twisting Way: The Faerie Ring Player's Guide


  • Dead Halt

Company Product list last updated: 11 July 2020