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Paranoia Red Clearance Edition Forms Pack

Paranoia Red Clearance Edition Forms Pack

Paranoia is a game of bureaucracy gone mad, so a selection of actual forms to throw at your players seems a good idea: bury them in administrivia!

The first form is genuinely useful. It's a character sheet. For once the THIS FORM IS MANDATORY in friendly red letters across the top is spot on. You don't get far without some sort of character sheet in any RPG, after all.

The next one is good for fostering intra-party conflict. It is an 'Accusation of treason/termination permit request' form. It's reasonably straightforward (although appears to assume it's written on three-part paper with directions as to what to do with yellow, pink and white copies) and should keep your Troubleshooters busy as they drop each other in a whole load of trouble.

Next is a 'XP Point Asynchronous Claim Requisition'. This runs to three pages, with an 'for official use only' section inserted between two bits the troubleshooter ought to be filling in which could raise awkward questions about why the troubleshooter is writing below the 'for official use only' line...

Then there is a Cerebral Coretech Issue Report, which may be filled out by the person experiencing the issues or someone else reporting on their behalf... and includes this gem of a direction "If the issue with your cerebral coretech has left you unable to fill in forms, please tick this box". Before you laugh too much, UK forms for applying for disabled allowances are nearly as bad (or at least, cannot cope with people whose disability makes it hard for them to write longhand!). There are three pages of this to plough through, enough to drive anyone not yet insane around the bend.

Next up, a Sector Travel Permit application. As someone who prefers to go into a ticket office, tell the clerk where I want to go and pay him rather than use a ticket machine, I don't want to struggle through this... it's a demented fusion of the morass that is the British railways ticketing system and a warped version of airport security. Again three whole pages of it...

And then rather bizarrely the whole lot are repeated four more times. This is a PDF. I can print multiple copies of a page. OK, if you have bought the 'dead tree' version as a pad of forms, multiple copies would be useful.

However, the forms are well in keeping with the spirit and ethos of Paranoia and excellent for exasperating your players. Give them a go!

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Reviewed: 1 June 2017