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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: The Murder of the Seven Points

The Murder of the Seven Points

In this adventure - set in an unnamed small town (so easy to fit in to your campaign world) - the party is enjoying dinner after having just arrived in town when they are asked if, as outsiders who couldn't possibly be responsible, they'd help patrol the town and catch a serial killer.

Taking place over a couple of nights, the investigation is one of increasing menace as the party piece together what is going on. Unless you want to use the random encounters or bring in events of your own, the only real combat is at the climax - but that's a good brawl in which the life of the whole town hangs in the balance and, should the characters be successful, there will be a real feeling of accomplishment.

The investigation itself is quite straightforward, although there is the odd red herring to throw the party off-track, and everything is explained clearly for the DM. There's a plan of the town, overlain by a pattern someone has discerned in the murders - just how they did come up with it is never made clear - and plenty of incidental details about the victims and circumstances to make the whole thing sound quite realistic - Criminal Minds done fantasy-style.

For groups which enjoy investigation and figuring things out but are still capable of putting up a good fight when they have to, this adventure should prove an interesting session-worth of entertainment. With added detail, the town could become a regular port-of-call or even a base of operations - assuming the party is successful the inhabitants will owe them big time. They may even start a good little sideline in murder investigation... with a new magical item and a quite powerful monster/bad guy, this makes a neat adventure.

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Reviewed: 22 April 2017