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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5: Tarus`s Banquet

Tarus's Banquet

The DM's background takes you back about 20 years, a tale of a noble family based in a rather remote location... with good reason, as you will see. Given that this adventure started out as a web enhancement to the Libris Mortis which is all about undead, the adventure is jam-packed with them! Worse, one has become aware of the party and is out to get them...

It all starts so innocently with a definitely alive nobleman inviting the party to a banquet at his manor, to be followed by a night hunt. When they get there the table is set for a fine al fresco feast which transpires to be of the highest quality. After-dinner drinks are served indoors, and then the hunt is on!

The house is well-described, for those who'd like to explore it, and the social activities are also covered well. The more malign events of the evening are rather more vague - of necessity, as they will depend on party actions. Enough, however, is included for you to be able to run the adventure provided you do enough preparation to have the antagonist's abilities at your fingertips. The consequences of the evening and follow-up adventure suggestions provide ample scope for messing with the party in a most enjoyable manner, too! A neat and fun adventure, fairly simple but with some interesting twists.

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Reviewed: 1 July 2016