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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5: Decline of Glory

Decline of Glory

In this adventure, the party is sent to negotiate for space to set up a new Pathfinder lodge in Taldor - with a drunkard who owns and operates a whiskey distillery! Others also have their eyes on this choice piece of real estate, and the game is on.

In customary style, the adventure begins with the party slogging through the swamps that surround the village where the distillery is to be found, with the mission briefing presented in flashback. Oh, and it's raining. If you have the time (i.e. you're not running this in a convention slot) you might want to play out the trip to reach this location - swamps can be fun, after all.

There are ample opportunities in this adventure for those characters who like to use their tongues as well as their swords... but fighting will be necessary as well. Especially as there's Something Nasty out in those swamps... and needless to say, the party needs to venture out there in search of what they need to complete their assignment. The adventure ends with a thrilling climax in the distillery itself as the party scrambles to get the agreement they need as time runs out.

Overall it's a good adventure, exciting and with scope for a range of approaches to shine and a real sense of accomplishment if the party can conclude the agreement (and save the village...). One of the better offerings in the introductory season.

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Reviewed: 28 February 2016