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Rogue Marshal (FateStorm)

Rogue Marshal

Rogue Marshal is the first release from Broken Tower using their FateStorm ruleset. It draws the players into a world of political intrigue and power plays; psychotic serial killers and obsessed fetish gangs; deranged cults that call forth eldritch nightmares; and mad inventors who create mechanical and chemical abominations. All amid the background of Ashendrya - The Endless City.

The Septnarok of the high atlas have a saying about Ashendrya - the endless city; Death knows every street. Ashendrya is a city so vast that normal citizens are called upon to act as its wardens in time of need; and there is always a need. While industrial cabals wage secret wars that threaten to engulf whole regions of the city, malign cults pray to Shiok, the mad god, and call his influence into the very heart of Ashendrya. In the endless city, celebrity, fame and fashion are proof of success, poisoning the weak of mind to fall into madness; the poor are left to rot in the low regions, without light or hope, or join the nation's fighting forces and march to war without end. The endless city is a place of light and dark - and often they are well aquainted. It's a dangerous city, who has your back?

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Page last updated: 26 September 2013