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Pathfinder RPG

Pathfinder RPG

Launched in March 2008 by Paizo Publishing with a year-long open playtest, this is a variant on the 3.5 ruleset using the Open Gaming License and designed to provide an appropriate platform for the Pathfinder adventures, sourcebooks and campaigns produced by the company. Its creation was triggered at least in part by the paucity of information that was released in advance of the publication of 4.0 Dungeons & Dragons, and - more importantly - to maintain the spirit under which early Pathfinder products have been designed. The core rulebook was released in the summer of 2009, and the game line has flourished from the outset.

In 2018, Paizo launched Pathfinder 2e with another year-long playtest, and again RPG Resource is proud to support this initiative and wishes it every success!

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Pathfinder Modules Pathfinder Adventure Paths Pathfinder Chronicles
Pathfinder Companion Pathfinder Society
Pathfinder 2e

Pathfinder RPG Compatible

In keeping with Pathfinder's openness, other publishers are encouraged to produce material compatible with the system. Of course, as it's a D&D 3.5 variant ruleset, most resources and adventures written for D&D 3e will be compatible to a greater or lesser extent, but for materials honed to Pathfinder follow the links below to find out more!

1-on-1 Adventures Open Design The Lonely Coast
Purple Duck Games OtherWorld Creations Zombie Sky Press
Rite Publishing Tricky Owlbear Publishing 1191 AD Publishing
Little Red Goblin Games Heroes Wear Masks

Page last updated: 2 August 2018