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Cyberpunk 2020: Chromebook 3/4

Chromebook 3/4

This is the second 'compilation' Chromebook, combining the contents of books 3 and 4. It's more of a convenience thing, and the only way you can get the Chromebook series in PDF. Still there are lots of goodies for your 'punks to spend their hard-earned eurobucks on. It's all about the STYLE, choomba!

Everything's categorised so it is easy to decide where to look depending on what you are after. It starts with a general catch-all section of 'Equipment, Items and Stuff' which includes clothing, medical equipment, camping gear and more. Then there's Cyberware, Vehicles, Computers (including Decks and Peripherals), the infamous Cyberpets, and Bots and Cyberforms, this last covering robots, full-body cyborgs, and more. Finally there are some rules for maintenance of your shiny new gear.

Most items are illustrated, and are provided with in-character descriptions - well, advertising blurb, actually. Where relevant there are separate 'game notes' with any necessary stats or information about how the item will operate in game. Along with the price, of course. And there's a global price list at the back of the book.

Highlights include high fashion clothing for techies - personal protection equipment never looked so good - as well as kit to make their work easier. As I play techies when I cannot be a netrunner, this consideration to an often neglected role is appreciated. There's also a remarkable 'one-man-band' piece of kit built around a synthesier that lets a Rocker operate without a band or roadies... available in keytar or freestanding versions it brings Kraftwerk to mind.

There's lots of stuff here, whatever your role or needs might happen to be. It's well worth a browse.

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Reviewed: 11 March 2019