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Spycraft: Spycraft Espionage Game

Spycraft Espionage Game

The core rulebook for Spycraft, this book contains all you need to know to get a contemporary spy game up and running.

Publisher's blurb: "Imagine that the world stands poised at the brink of oblivion, one press of a button away from total annihilation. Now imagine that you're the only one who can stop it.

"The Spycraft roleplaying game places the fate of the entire world in your hands. Spycraft introduces the world of espionage to the d20 system. As a superspy working for MI6, the CIA, or an Agency of your own creation, only you have the skills, the experience, and the gadgets to take on the greatest threats the world has ever known!"

Megan's review

Book Details:
Authors: Patrick Kapera and Kevin Wilson
Publishers' Reference: AEG1800
ISBN: 1-887953-43-4
Hardback, 286 pages
Date: 2002

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Product page last updated: 12 February 2007