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Mekton Z

Mekton, created by R. Talsorian Games, is a world of high adventure and mechanized combat; a distant galaxy where science fiction and Japanese animé collide. At stake - the survival of entire civilizations - entrusted to the skilled few who can master the giant robotic warmachines of this future age.

Originally presented in 1984 as a combat boardgame with no role-playing elements, the first RPG was brought out in 1985. The next version, Mekton II, came out in 1987 and uses the Interlock game mechanic, familiar to players of Cyberpunk, also from R. Talsorian Games. The latest version, Mekton Zeta, was published in 1995 and is compatible with its predecessor.

Mekton 1e Mekton II Mekton Zeta
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Page last updated: 27 June 2009