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Dangerous Journeys: Epic of Ærth

Epic of Aerth

The world setting for Mythus - Earth but not as you know it... and just reading through the entries spawns a whole bunch of campaign and adventure ideas.

Publisher's blurb: "The world of Ærth is hauntingiy familiar, yet strangely mysterious. Visit Æropa's Avillonian Isles, which include mighty Lyonnesse. See the "Dark Continent" of Afrik, travelling up the Nylle River, past Egypt's four great pyramids, to the unexplored lands of the interior. Or cruise the long reaches of the Mare Ostrum which reaches from eastern Æropa to the steppes of Central Azir. And then there are the Seven Lakes of distant Vargaard.... Learn about the nations of Ærth, their populations, rulers, capitols, and wonders of their great cities, their magick, intrigues, conflicts, and more. Then read about the labyrinths which honeycomb the world's crust, Subterranean Ærth's Shallowshadow, Midgloom, and Deepdark. The races, creatures, and ecology found in this underground maze are like none other.

"You can even journey to the planet's hollow interior, where ancient life forms still dwell. Do all that and you are still only acquainted with half of Ærth! For the world has a counter-phase, connected to Ærth by magickal Portals, the world known as Phaeree. It too has its outer, subterranean, and interior spheres, the realms of Faerie, Hobgoblin, and Goblin, and of thousands of other things..."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Gary Gygax
Publishers' Reference: GDW5001
ISBN: 1-55878-132-3
Paperback, pages
Date: 1992

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Product page last updated: 20 July 2008