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Cyberpunk 2020: Chromebook 2

Chromebook 2

This 'style guide' as it bills itself provides a vast array of stuff that your 'punks might want to spend their eurobucks on (perhaps it's appropriate that I'm writing this review on Cyber Monday!). It dives straight in with cyberwear - and all the entries are written to read like a sales catalogue, making it a good in-character resource.

It starts off with a range of cyber-fingers. Mount a camera or a grendade (self-propelling away from you, of course) or even a lighter... then there are eyes that change colour, a tattoo that updates with the number of kills you have, subdermal armour and other things you might find useful on the streets. Retractable vampire fangs? An internally-mounted computer? It's all here.

Next there is some general Equipment. Everything from a nutritional supplement for when you cannot be bothered to stop and eat to a perfume that enhances your attractiveness to the opposite sex by emitting pheromones that stimulate the sexual centres of the brain, and coming in two versions depending on which gender you are. (Quite what gay people are supposed to do isn't made clear, do they wear the variety that's attractive to the same gender as they are or what? And does it work on them? If a gay man doesn't care for female sexual partners is he still attracted by a woman using this?). Get a protection field that administers a mild shock to anyone who gets too close. Cameras, security equipment, even a card that links you to a minister of your chosen faith ('cos let's face it, there's no time to go to church these days), computer equipement, new programs for the one you've got and more are all here.

The next section looks at equipment and programs aimed at netrunners. Music equipment and a handy chameleon suit follow in dizzying succession. The whole thing is a heady mix of consumer gear and combat equipment, the fusion of style with function that typifies Cyberpunk as a genre. Weapons, however, merit a section all to themselves. You may fancy an urban rocket launcher, but there are plenty lethal and non-lethal weapons to choose from here. Discerning customers may also be interested in the wide choice of ammunition available for their new (or existing) slug thrower.

Finally there's a selection of vehicles and some 'exotic' modifications - suitable for those who have always dreamed of having a tail or being furry all over. This is shopping fantasy at its height. Never mind eBay or Amazon...

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Reviewed: 26 November 2018