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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Froderick`s Tomb

Froderick's Tomb

This adventure opens with an interesting challenge. Apparently a long-dead but renowned thief by the name of Froderick the Uncanny left not one but an unknown number of tombs behind him. A couple have been discovered but neither contained his remains or the wealth he was supposed to have amassed (so his paranoia seems to have paid off rather well!). Now another one has come to light, and the party is offered the task of mapping it... but may keep whatever loot they find, and get paid extra if they consent to be interviewed about their experiences within. Are they up to the challenge?

The DM's Background explains a little more, and the adventure overview explains that it can be run standalone or as part of your campaign... but any party would be well-advised to have a competent rogue amongst their number! The tomb is puzzle- and trap-heavy, bear in mind some groups don't care for such things as much as others - you know your players best so can decide if they'd enjoy it. At least there's an obvious reason for the tomb being built that way...

It is left to you to decide where the tomb to be explored is located, the notes here start with the first chamber. Everything is described clearly - particularly useful when dealing with puzzles and traps - and there's a clear map. That's for you (it has things marked on it you don't want the players to see...), make the party map for themselves as they explore. Their mission is, after all, to map the place for their patron!

This makes for a good stand-alone delve, or an interesting side-trek in a campaign particularly if Froderick is presented as an historical figure - then the party can claim some renown for having explored one of his tombs. They may even get a taste for it and start to seek out others! It will be up to you if they show any simularities to this one, of course. Whilst it's a puzzle-solving and trap-finding exercise in the main, there are plausible opportunities for combat as well.

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Reviewed: 14 March 2018