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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Darwell`s Tower

Darwell's Tower

In this adventure the party is sent to raid the home of an evil necromancer masquerading as a fat old academic, pottering peaceful about his books and research as he lives somewhat reclusively in his tower. They get this information from a crusading warrior they've just met, who is quite convinced that the 'fat old academic' pose is a front, and that this fellow, Darwell by name, has recently acquired a powerful artefact... and it's imperative to relieve him of it before he does any harm!

A challenge to set the blood pounding indeed! The DM's Background explains what is really going on, as well as more about Sir Jeffers the paladin who approaches the party. There are rumours to pick up around the town in which Darwell's tower is situated - even an opportunity to talk to the lady who cooks for him if the party so wishes - before they mount their raid.

The tower itself is well-described, both inside and out. It's a measure of the (undeserved) respect Darwell has that the exterior is guarded by a squad of town guards who pose the first challenge the party faces... as Sir Jeffer's mission is not exactly official. He hasn't been to the authorities because he is not sure that they'd believe his tale about that 'nice old scholar', as he explains to the party.

Once inside, there's a good map and clear descriptions of what there is to find. The inhabitants too are well-handled, and it is clear how each will react to the party. Conclusions are good and there is scope for further adventures, depending on the party's actions.

A neat straightforward adventure within an urban setting (the town itself is left to you, so Darwell can live anywhere suitable in your campaign world) which ought to give your party a good if rather burglarious time!

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Reviewed: 10 March 2018