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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: The Wreyland Serpent

The Wreyland Serpent

This relatively high-level adventure pits the party against a black dragon, at the behest of a young princess who states that her lands have long been plagued by the foul worm. What red-blooded adventurer could refuse such a request?

The DM's Background provides details explaining just why the black dragon in question has such a mixed press - for some side with the princess in condeming its brutality and evil nature, yet others will tell you that it is kind and helpful to those who cross its path. There are also notes about the area, where a series of coastal city-states bicker amongst each other... and what the princess is doing about that, too. Much of this will be left for the party to piece together if they can.

The princess tells the party that miners in her employ have found the dragon's lair, and so off they go to see what they can discover there. The settlement the miners established beside their mine is now in ruins courtesy, it appears, of the dragon. Some creatures are around which, should the party bother to talk to them, could cast light on the whole matter. Some opportunist ogres have also attempted to take advantage of the miners' absence to do some mining of their own.

The adventure begins when the party enters the mine (you'll have to get them there yourself). The mine is described atmospherically, and there's a reasonably clear map of it as well. Monster stats are provided conveniently just where you'll need them, although in most cases it's presumed that they will want to fight as soon as the party appears - there's no mention of what they will do at all. Neither is any kind of conclusion or resolution provided, despite there being scope for finding out what's actually happening rather than brawling with anything remotely draconic that you encounter.

It's all a shade disappointing. The underlying concept is quite ingenious, but it's not handled very well. Take the idea and the mine map, and run with it.

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Reviewed: 4 March 2018