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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Voyage to Storm Isle

Voyage to Storm Isle

This adventure revolves around a job offer to provide armed guards to a merchant ship making a potentially dangerous voyage. The DM's Introduction provides information on the cargo to be carried as well as indicating some of the threats... although all the captain will say is that he believes pirates operate in the waters through which he must travel.

The ship is described clearly, it's a two-masted sailing ship that is almost ninety feet long and some twenty-five feet wide at the broadest point. It is in good condition and even carries a physician and a cook... and has a cabin for the party, they won't have to sling hammocks with the rest of the crew! There's a good set of deckplans which will come in handy whenever you need a ship.

The voyage will be a week or so, and several events are provided to enliven the journey, not all being connected with the core plot. Of course, these include standard nautical fare such as pirates (the captain was right about them!), a sea serpent and mutiny... and maybe at least one of the party will get seasick.

Everything hangs together well and it makes for an eventful voyage, however there is little to provide for after the various encounters. Should the party win through, it will be left to you to decide what happens as a result, or indeed even how they get home again. Perhaps they take to the sea... or will ask to be dropped off somewhere suitable for the next adventure you have planned. Whilst nice as far as it goes, it comes over a bit unfinished!

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Reviewed: 28 February 2018