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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Lost Hunt

Lost Hunt

A peaceful visit to an elf village is shattered by a sudden assault... and of course it is up to the party to find out why this terrible assailant is here and how to stop its depredations in an adventure designed to last for but a single session. Details are vague enough that provided your campaign world has elves who live peacefully in forests you ought to be able to slot it in readily.

The DM Background explains what is going on and how those nice elves were not always quite so good and peaceful as they are today. Suffice to say that something from their ancient past is stirring. Once they have dealt with the intruder something surprising happens which provides the key to where they need to go to deal with the problem... and a forest trail leads to an interdimensional rift where they have to contend with everything from microgravity to a series of very confusing chambers, not to mention the resident monsters who have been trapped there for (in their view at least) far too long.

Everything is described clearly and the map makes sense once you have studied it a bit - enjoy watching the party figuring out what is going on. The final challenges are tough and ostensibly depend on having a wizard with a specific feat - you might want to change this, provide an alternative method or even an NPC with that capacity if your party doesn't boast it amongst their accomplishments - but perhaps that is to be expected when the core mission involves imprisoning godlings!

You might want to foreshadow this adventure for best effect, perhaps releasing some of the background history about evil godlings, although the opening shock of the attack on a peaceful elf village is an excellent way of bringing the party into the action.

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Reviewed: 21 February 2018