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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: The Fifth Sepulchre

The Fifth Sepulchre

This adventure begins with the party summoned by the local King - due, no doubt, to the fame a party of 12th to 15th level must have accrued - to help him deal with a series of murders that has culminated with the kidnapping of his daughter.

The DM's Background quickly sets the scene and explains what lies behind the current situation. How much of this the party will ever discover is open to question but all indications point to undead which are emerging from the royal sepulchres under the very throne itself!

The actual adventure consists of a delve into the royal sepulchres, a place of eerie dread where nobody dares to tread. It looks like this royal house built tombs on a grand scale, with plenty of wall-paintings that anyone who likes such things will want to examine in detail to understand the history of the royal family. The sepulchres are mapped clearly, coupled with some good descriptions that help create the right atmosphere. Dark rituals, plenty of treasure and some desperate combat await...

Every opponent is interested only in fighting, there are no opportunities for negotiation - yet, seeing what they are up to, fighting them is probably the best option anyway. The princess might be saved, the dark evils may be defeated - but the party will know that they have been in a fight. The consequences of failure will be disasterous for the kingdom, however, so there ought to be a feeling of achievement for successful adventurers. Various degrees of success are covered, and some ideas for further adventure are suggested. A good adventure for a combat-heavy group equipped to cope with the undead.

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Reviewed: 11 February 2018