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Infinity RPG Character Sheets

Infinity RPG Character Sheets

For any game, a character sheet is handy. For a game with a complex yet fascinating character generation system, a custom sheet is pretty vital to help you keep organised, and this one delivers the goods.

It comes in two types: form-fillable and printer-friendly. As I have lost the ability to write longhand after a stroke, form-fillable character sheets are a godsend! This one lets you note down absolutely everything about the character and have it all at your fingertips during play - even if it does take SEVEN sheets to do so!

The printer-friendly version, which you have to print out and then write on (unless you are good at using the annotations facility in Acrobat to add text - you find it under the 'Comment' menu at top right but it does require precision cursor positioning!) is but two pages, and doesn't contain as much of the background material. It does contain everything you'll need for play, though.

Now comes the neat trick. If you want to print the full form-fillable version, go into the layers function and turn off the background. OK, it may not look quite as pretty, but it won't use up all your printer ink and if you want all the character background detail and don't have a device to read your character sheet on with you, that's the way to go.

An elegant neat package that's available free. What more could you want?

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Reviewed: 24 January 2018