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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: The Hidden Vault

The Hidden Vault

Designed to be run in a single session, this adventure sees the party sent off into the mountains to help dwarf miners re-establish contact with one of their mines - not to mention the two groups they have already sent to find out what's gone wrong.

The DM's background covers a lot about this particular bunch of dwarves, the Kingdom of the Anvil. They mine the Stormtop Range where rich veins of precious metals are to be found, but one of their newer delves, the Silverhall, has ceased sending their regular shipments of gold and silver ore. Whilst the nature of the problem is laid out for the DM, all the party need to know is that neither a party of scouts nor one of dwarven warriors have returned and the dwarves have turned to the Merchant Guild in a city to the south (the one the party is in, of course) for help - perhaps professional adventurers can succeed where dwarves, however mighty, have not.

Once the party has accepted the mission, they'll have to reach the Silverhall mine, which is located deep in the Stormtop Range. This is left up to the DM to arrange, although there are a few notes about the surrounding area to help set the scene. There's a good overview of general conditions within the mine and a sketchmap - which spreads over four levels - of the mine itself, coupled with more detailed descriptions of particular notable areas.

The main antagonist, a new monster, is well-described and attention is paid to the tactics they will use at different points during the party's exploration of the mine. It all makes for a claustrophobic delve through an extensive mine, and being dwarf-built it's never over five feet high!

The map could have been bigger and clearer, and there's no indication of how the dwarves of the Kingdom of the Anvil will react when the party reports back on what they find, but as a delve with a cunning opponent, it's good for an single-session side-trek.

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Reviewed: 20 January 2018