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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Legacy of Madness

Legacy of Madness

Unlike most of the Adventurers Keep modules, the text on the back cover (which serves as the players' introduction to the scenario) doesn't tell you much: it's more of a paen to the adventuring life than any details of the situation in which the party finds itself. The DM's Background does a little better, with a fairly convoluted tale about historic dragon mistakes with artefact creation that leads eventually to a present-day dragon attempting to discover said artefact... but the adventure proper begins with whatever settlement the party happens to be in being attacked by a dragon! That's enough to make anyone sit up and take notice.

They had better, seeing as the dragon has a task for them to complete... or else (the threat is to the settlement as well as to party members individually). Without going into too much detail, the task involves the retrieval of a book from a dragon's lair. A long-dead dragon, in fact. They have five days, and a trip through wild and trackless country to get there and back again. A couple of optional encounters are provided, but by and large it is up to you to get them there through a swamp to some higher ground.

Once the party reaches the cliffside lair, they will have to deal with plenty of traps and any opportunistic wildlife that lives there. Actually finding the book is quite hard (the text notes that you may want to make it a bit easier if the party struggles), but assuming they succeed and are heading back to their rendevous with the dragon that tasked them, they will be in for a bit of a surprise. Let's just say that more than one dragon is interested in the book...

With an exciting climax that could involve two dragons brawling with the party also involved in the fight, it's quite a neat adventure concept, and reasonably well-resourced although a good proof-read would have helped. If the party boasts a bard, he ought to get a song or two out of this one!

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Reviewed: 27 November 2017