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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood

Turmoil in a city, where the 'lower classes' are convinced that some dread terror stalks the streets and the ruling elite will have none of it. This is an open-ended adventure, with the DM's Background providing information as to what is really going on, the encounters designed to enable the party to find out... and then it's up to them what they decide to do about the situation.

It doesn't matter why the party is in town, or if this is their regular base or a first visit. They meet a rather crazy fellow ranting in the street about disappearances, and are then contacted by a priest from the Church of Salvation, which has a temple in the poor part of town, who asks if they'd investigate the disappearances. It appears that past disappearances were linked to a 'lizard cult' and some people say the current crop are similar... that is, those who have noticed anything at all. Merchants brush it all off, more concerningly they do not seem to trouble the town guard either. However some indications point to a seedy tavern, the Green Stag. This hostelry serves a distinctive red ale called Dragon's Blood and also has a rather strange cook...

Plans of both the Green Stag and the Church of Salvation's premises are provided, and there are various options available to the party, depending what they actually discover or deduce. Ultimately there's a power struggle going on, but do the party wish to take sides, elimiate both... or do they even realise that there is more than one antagonist involved? There are plenty of ideas as to the different directions in which this could play out, and whatever choice the party makes, they could be dealing with the ramifications for a long time... a neat twist.

The early parts of the adventure involve a lot of investigation, and may prove frustrating if you do not ensure that there is plenty to be discovered wherever it is the party decide to ask their questions. In some ways it's more of an adventure outline than a complete adventure, but it has the potential to be both challenging and interesting, especially if the party begin interacting with both factions involved.

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Reviewed: 23 November 2017