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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Folnar`s Dagger

Folnar's Dagger

If you're the sort of person who'd like to have a demon at your beck and call, you're probably of the evil persuasion (at least as far as alignments are concerned). Designed for evil characters, this adventure sends them in quest of a dagger that is said to be able to summon and control the demon R'Godae, a quest that sends them into a powerful wizard's former home that is now used as a training centre for good-aligned wizards and warriors, even paladins. So as a bonus these evil characters get to beat up on some of the brightest and best upcoming good guys!

The DM's Background expands a bit on the powerful wizard, whose name was Folnar, explaining how he came about the dagger and its powers. It also details how Folnar's apprentices set up a unique training centre in his fortified mansion after his death where wizards, clerics, paladins and other good-aligned warriors study tactics combining might and magic in the fight against evil. It's up to you how the party gather the information about the dagger, what it can do and where it is currently located. This adventure pits the party against the mansion and its occupants.

You are provided with plenty of information about leading personalities at the rather remote mansion (no wonder it is fortified), physical structure, daily routine and defences. There's a plan with detailed room notes, but it is suggested that either miniatures or a dry-erase board are used to keep track of everyone once the party begins its penetration. Crafty parties who try some advance reconnaisance are catered for with notes on what they can discover or observe, whilst likely actions on the part of the inhabitants once they realise they are under attack are also included.

Finally there are notes about the dagger, the ritual and possible outcomes - here, you will have to decide if all the legends are for real or if something else happens... or nothing at all. Many options provide scope for a myriad of follow-up adventures if not a whole campaign.

There's a fair bit of fighting, and often what might be deemed skirmishing - not a pitched battle but reasonable numbers of opponents to handle - so the suggestion of some means of visual representation could be helpful in keeping track of what's going on. This book can be seen as a core idea, from which you could built an entire campaign from first hearing rumours about a dagger with which a demon can be summoned right through to the ramifications and subsequent adventures of the party who attempts the summoning. Of course, that would mean quite a lot of work but for a group determined to play an evil campaign, this could make a good - if that's the right word - framework.

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Reviewed: 28 October 2017