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Dark Conspiracy 1e: PC Booster Kit

PC Booster Kit

The Introduction begins by talking about the ongoing development of Dark Conspiracy as a game and how it is a horror game, yet one in which the protagonists at least have a chance of fighting back. This book is designed to enhance the capability of the characters to fight back, to add action elements to their adventures with the forces of darkness. It includes revised character generation, new careers and mechanical advantages based on how the character first becomes aware of the hidden menace of Dark Minions. As well as expanding on the existing rules and answering some of the common questions asked during the year since the original core rulebook was launched, there is also a new more flexible D20 task system which you might wish to use in your game.

First up, there's a look at character backgrounds with an expansion of the role of 'social class'. Now there are both benefits and disadvantages to the class chosen, and restrictions on the sort of careers you may choose to follow during character generation. At the end of the character generation process, the character chooses how they became aware of the presence of Dark Minions. Interestingly, whatever route they choose they get +1 to their Empathy (even if they had zero in it before) to reflect the profound psychic shock. So no more non-empathic characters. The main routes are Agent (the character has been contacted or even recruited by an organisation that already knows about Dark Minions), Empathy (the character has a revelation), or Encounter (the character sees something). Agents get extra equipment, those choosing Empathy get a boost to their empathic powers, and those who have an Encounter get an increased initiative.

Next come some new careers: Biker, Renegade ET (yes, a humanoid ET now on the run), Rogue Android (again of extraterrestrial origin), Street Urchin and Underground Empath. There are also a few modifications to the career options in the core rulebook. There's also an expansion to the Contacts system, and further information about how to use it to effect, as well as assorted tweaks to the task modification system.

Finally, there's an explanation of the D20 system (note, this isn't the Dungeons & Dragons 3e concept of D20, but a more granular version of the original D10 system used by Dark Conspiracy), with plenty of explanation of how to switch everything over to it should you decide to do so.

This is a useful collection of stuff which you may or may not wish to add in to your game. On the whole, the material is worthy of consideration, although I'm not sure if you want your party to start play already knowing about Dark Minions - finding out during the course of play can make for some powerful adventures!

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Reviewed: 26 October 2017