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Dark Conspiracy 1e: Ice Daemon

Ice Daemon

An adventure about weather? Well, at least it starts that way with the party driving through Texas when a snowstorm hits... on a broiling midsummer day. There are notes on shifting these events out of Texas, and to provide for the party using a different form of transportation than a car.

The adventure proper begins with the party having to cope with freezing conditions when the storm hits, a scramble to find shelter. Hopefully they will be able to access a weather forecast which shows that the storm is localised and also displays an unusual feature... Again, if they do not, or cannot, access the weather channel, other options are provided to point them in the right direction. There's even someone to help out with cold weather gear if the party is too busy freezing to death to investigate!

There's a cave complex to explore, its denizens to defeat and a dastardly plot to thwart. All is explained for the Referee, with plans, stats, and plot details all laid out. The stakes? Well, do you want a new ice age?

Compact, elegant, neatly-presented... this adventure should take but a session or two to complete, yet it's replete with significance. There isn't really any follow-up, it is more something to drop on your party when they think they are merely travelling to get somewhere else you have sent or enticed them. An excellent short adventure with plenty of action.

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Reviewed: 24 October 2017