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Star Trek Adventures: Character Sheets

Star Trek Adventures Character Sheets

This free download provides a selection of record sheets to keep not just your characters but also your starships in order. Most are designed around the Next Generation era style, but some suit The Original Series (TOS) era.

Looking at the TOS era ones first, there is a single PDF with two pages. The first is a 'Starfleet Personnel File' (otherwise known as a character sheet) and the second page is a 'Starfleet Registry Entry' which enables you to record details of your starship. Naturally there's space to log damage as well as capablities and equipment on both.

It's interesting to see how the layout and design is changed to give a distintively Next Generation feel to the equivalent documents, despite them providing space to note exactly the same information. Of great benefit to those of us with poor handwriting, both the Next Generation Starfleet Personnel File and Starship Registry Entry are available in form-fillable versions as well as plain ones. Just make sure to save a new copy before you fill out and save your character or ship, then you'll always have a blank 'master' for your next one!

A neat and stylish way to keep track of your characters and ships... and it's free.

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Reviewed: 7 October 2017