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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Temple of the Iron Codex

Temple of the Iron Codex

You might think that a massive earthquake in the city the party is visiting is problem enough... but what when it opens a path for an ancient evil to enter the world? This is the situation presented in this module.

The DM's background explains how this situation came about, with long-forgotten heroes walling up the Iron Codex and generations later a city arising, unknowing, above. It's suggested that you use the party's home city (or current residence) to highten the stakes. There are also suggestions for how to manage those parties or individuals who want to call in powerful forces to deal with the issue, which boil down to reminding them that they are all busy coping with the aftermath of a massive earthquake and a subsequent plague.

The city layout and the approach to the Temple of the Iron Codex is left to the DM to determine: this module begins with the entrance doors of the Temple itself, now hanging off their hinges as a result of the earthquake. The room descriptions and floorplan are quite intricate and repay thorough study before running the game if the best effect is to be achieved. That said, it makes for a fascinating and scary place to explore, with plenty of challenges in the form of traps and unusual layouts to negotiate as well as opportunities to find out just what is going on, if not how to deal with it. Just to muddy the picture, there are a few fake copies of the Iron Codex lying around, so the party needs to be careful to deal with the right one!

This makes for an exciting and challenging adventure, with a few outline suggestions for further activities - although these are all based on a successful conclusion to this adventure. Given the potential enormity of the evils struggling to be released, if they fail there will also be plenty to keep them busy. A nicely-constructed delve with major ramifications for your campaign world.

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Reviewed: 3 October 2017