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Paranoia Red Clearance Edition Interactive Screen

Paranoia Red Clearance Edition Interactive Screen

Whilst serving the normal purpose of a GM screen (to hide notes, die rolls and anything else you want to hide from your players), this one continues the unique humour of Paranoia across both sides.

The player-facing side has supposed 'card slots' where players can put action cards when playing them. Maybe. If they can figure out where they should put them. Unfortunately there's a warning in large friendly letters stating that understanding the screen's function is beyond your security clearance...

The GM's side has various lists and charts some of which may be actually useful. Hints on calculating how many successes are needed for a task based on how hard it is, or XP points rewards for different accomplishments are handy, then there's quite a lot on what those XP points can be spent on, from improving security clearance level to getting new skills or a shiny new piece of kit.

Then there are some other charts that can be used to provide quick randomised results to questions like 'Where are we?' or 'What is this individual's motivation?'. Then there's a chart of Items of Questionable Provenance that are just crying out to be scattered through your scenarios - most could probably spawn a whole new adventure on their own. The table of Achievements is a bit baffling. It's not clear whether these are things you are told to do, hear about someone else doing or what... and many aren't things that would occur to a troubleshooter anyway. Why do 500 jumping jacks anyway? And it's not clear what reward you'd get if you did apart from a loud claxon going off to mark the accomplishment.

While it's funny the first time you read it, the humour will pale a bit, and it's likely that most people will want to lay their cards on the table rather than try to perch them on the screen. Get it if you like having a GM screen that matches your game, or if you're a completist.

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Reviewed: 1 June 2017