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Dungeons & Dragons 5e: Rock Point Keep

Rock Point Keep

This side-adventure serves to wind up the Crashing Chaos campaign, and serves to shed further light on the ancient squabbles between the Windsome Chain islands (where the party is at the moment) and the Farasene Imperium, something the characters are now embroiled in themselves. It also lets the party explore a new part of the islands. Although adding background, it can be left out if you don't wish to include it in your campaign - and even if you are not running the Crashing Chaos campaign it could make a stand-alone adventure with a few changes.

It all begins after a celebratory banquet marking the freeing of Harbourhume from the Kan Demon when Christianos Thixx, the new-crowned king of the islands, asks the party to secure Rock Point Keep, an outpost of his kingdom that has stood abandoned due to a treaty with the Imperium that forbade them from maintaining a standing army. There's a fair bit of background to absorb (mostly stuff that a historically-inclined character ought to be able to ferret out if so inclined), then the party is summoned by the king and given their instructions. They have a choice of travelling by land or by sea along the coast to a point near to the keep, both options are covered here. Those who go by land face a quite eventful 3-day journey, while it takes about a day by sea and this trip, too, is not devoid of interest.

Whichever way they come, eventually they reach the Keep itself. It consists of a small tower in a walled courtyard, a plan and room descriptions are provided. At a first glance, the place seems neglected but that doesn't mean that nobody's home... or that they are friendly. Expect several brawls to punctuate exploration. Oh, and it's haunted as well. This provides curious characters with an opportunity to discover more of the history of the place.

It's a neat adventure with a lot going on which all serves to make the place come alive. Successful characters who are in the King's service (rather than merely having hired out to undertake this task) will be granted land in the vicinity, which provides opportunity for further activity. The mix of physical and supernatural encounters is handled well making it all the more believable - the flesh-and-bones residents of the keep are scared of the ghostly ones! There are also some links to what has gone before. All in all, if you are playing the Crashing Chaos campaign with the intent of continuing on to the next story arc, you ought to run this cracking little adventure.

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Reviewed: 27 May 2017