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Dungeons & Dragons 5e: The Rebel Prince

The Rebel Prince

This final adventure of the Crashing Chaos finds the party already reeling: they've been ambushed, seen their homeland thrown into chaos, and been forced to abandon Tere altogether... assuming they fled Bray's Bay in the ship so thoughtfully provided! Now, if they can but rally some forces, they get a chance to strike back as the Kan Demon have stretched themselves rather thin and are, truth be told, getting a bit cocky about how easy it's been so far for them.

The Introduction lays it out. The last episode ended with them at sea, heading for the Windsome Chain, off-shore islands where they'll meet various people who can help with a counter-attack. Indeed, if you want to add in the side-adventure The Prisoner of Spur Rock, they'll need to bust one of their potential allies out of gaol first! There's some background on the islands and their history, as well as on the people to be found there... and on the 'wild magic' storms that periodically hit the islands and the superstitious ways of the islanders.

Then the action begins, the party is aboard the Calm Seas sailing towards the islands (with a detour if you decided to run the side-adventure The Ghost of Jarvis Island). A neat minor event is that anyone who is on deck at night may notice subtle changes in the constellations overhead... and then its time to arrive at their destination. There are loads of people to meet and the climax of the adventure is to join with them to liberate a township on the islands from the Kan Demon. This involves a magnificent urban guerilla action that hopefully will provoke an uprising to send the Kan Demon packing. It's beautifully-handled, with a whole series of events and encounters to build the pressure on the party who are, of course, spearheading the action, sneaking through the occupied settlement. Detailed notes on locations and people place everything you need at your fingertips.

The end of the adventure caters for all possible outcomes, although it's hoped that the party succeeds... even if the 'Rebel Prince' tries to take more than his fair share of the glory. He does have some neat rewards in mind for the party, however... and if you see fit, a final task in the shape of the side-adventure Rock Point Keep. The main plotline is due to continue in the next campaign arc, Darkness Surges, but in the meantime, the party can sit back and enjoy all the festivities of a coronation.

This adventure is put together extremely well, especially what in my infantry sergeant days I would call 'Fighting in a Built Up Area' - as fine a representation of urban military action on the tabletop as I have seen. It's always quite hard to ensure that your party stays in the spotlight when armies clash, here it's done magnificently.

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Reviewed: 19 May 2017