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Trail of Cthulhu: The Long Con

The Long Con

If it is too good to be true, it often isn't... and when the Investigators are asked to help organise a confidence trick they find that they've bitten off more than they can chew. It all begins when one Sidney Price asks them to join him in suckering a rich American into participating in a fake auction, promising them vast riches... but if they are not careful they could end up in very hot water (and that's before the police get involved!).

The Awful Truth reveals what is really going on (and who is conning who), and the Spine charts likely events although as the party has been asked to arrange things, they will be driving the action more than is usual. Strange things begin to happen as soon as they get involved, so the adventure turns into a more conventional investigation once they decide to check them out, or to enquire about the other people involved in this project.

The adventure is set in London, being particularly suitable for Bookhounds, and it does really have to be there - all the background is wound up in London's history. Apparently - although not everyone believes these rumours - the Devil trades in lost occult lore, holding 'Burnt Auctions' of books destroyed during the Great Fire of London, and this is the event the target rich American is to be suckered into attending. As the adventure begins with the party being asked to arrange a con, some outline rules for running one are included.

A dizzying selection of Scenes are provided to drag the party deeper into the plot and see them driven demented by weird manifestations - unusual ones, researching them should keep everyone entertained as well as providing clues to more than just their nature. There are also opportunities to bring the law in if you are so minded (or if the party makes a public nuisance of themselves and attract attention!). Some occult help is also available if the party is willing to take that route. The climax of the adventure sees the action move to the crypts of St Paul's where the awful truth is revealed as a ritual is enacted... and there's a real risk of a catastrophic fire.

It all makes for a tense and exciting adventure in the Bookhounds of London mode, indeed it's best suited as an adventure within that campaign setting. No pre-generated characters are provided, use the Bookhounds rules or existing characters from there; but everything else you'll need is to be found within these pages. If you like the somewhat dubious book-dealers of Bookhounds, this adventure is recommended.

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Reviewed: 5 May 2017