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7th Sea: Wheels Within Wheels

Wheels Within Wheels

This adventure, originally published in the shortlived magazine Novus Ordum Mundi and later as a free download from the Alderac Entertainment Group website, fits in just before the events of The Montaigne Revolution.

In it, the party is tasked with finding a wanted smuggler and bringing him to justice along with the caravan of contraband he is currently transporting, a task brokered through the Swordsman's Guild. They get a map and off they go...

Needless to say it's not quite that simple, for a start the person for whom the smuggler is smuggling isn't best pleased and sends people out to protect the caravan and, of course, deal with any pesky heroes. So the adventure has plenty of opportunities for brawling along the way... but there are also opportunities for negotiations and a very real chance of being hanged to keep the party on their toes, due to all the machinations behind the scenes.

There's quite a lot to keep track of, but the forest through which the party will have to travel is described atmospherically and the brawls well-organised... although a map or two might have come in handy! What's good is that there are plenty of people to impress - or make enemies of - thus great potential for further adventures.

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Reviewed: 25 January 2017