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Pathfinder RPG: Tumbledown Manor

Tumbledown Manor

Something quite unspeakable was going on here... this product provides detailed floorplans and room descriptions for an abandoned and decidedly spooky manor house all ready for intrepid adventurers to poke around in. All you need to do is decide where to put it in your campaign world, provide any backstory you want to include, work out if there's anyone or anything still there (alive or undead as you please) and round up a party to investigate...

The manor is a rambling building with a few outbuildings and extensive cellars. It once had more than one floor but the upper level has collapsed (either through decay or perhaps there was a fire, you decide). The state of the cellars has not been improved by an underground stream that now runs through them... but it has opened up further underground areas to explore.

The state of the place is made clear both through the brief descriptions and the debris depicted on the floorplans (that is, if you use the Rule the Dungeon facility to have the 'furniture' displayed when you print them out). From even a cursory examination, it appears former inhabitants used the manor for dark rituals... and perhaps some perversion as well, one chamber appears to be set up for orgies and worse. There's some loot to be found, and curious characters may want to try and figure out what precisely was going on here. Others may want to destroy even the traces that remain. That will depend on the party and whatever plot you provide them with.

Overall, this remarkably detailed set of plans are almost an adventure even before you add a bit of plot and backstory, and maybe a monster or two. If you want a full adventure, get the Terror of Tumbledown Game Pack instead, which contains this floorplan and a complete adventure built around it. If you have an appropriate adventure in mind, get this and have a blast!

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Reviewed: 11 January 2017