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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Heavenring Village The Smith

Heavenring Village: The Smith

A smith is a welcome addition to any settlement, and judging from the wares on display, this smith is also an asset to the adventuring community. There are two buildings in this product: the smithy itself and a separate small residence for the smith (unlike most of the village he doesn't have his living quarters in his place of business). In Heavenring Village the smith is a half-orc by the name of Ruck, who apparently has bad manners that mask a helpful and honest nature... but of course you can use this forge anywhere, with a smith of your choosing.

The forge building has three rooms: the forge itself, a storage area and a shop where visitors can browse an array of armour and weapons laid out on a long bench. The storage area is also spacious and contains assorted raw materials. The forge itself looks well-equipped with a big furnace, two anvils and racks of tools.

The smith's residence is quite substantial too, with an open porch with a table and chairs for sitting out, perhaps on a warm evening after the day's work is done. Inside, there is a big sitting/dining room, a kitchen, a master bedroom with a double bed (the presence of a vanity suggests that the smith has a partner... or, of course, is a lady) and a second bedroom with three beds for children or guests. Each bedroom has an ensuite bathroom. Of course, this makes for a nice home for anyone, not necessarily the smith!

0one Games display their customary mastery of PDF technology using layers to allow some measure of control over what you see - square grid, hex grid or no grid at all, or the presence/absence of furniture and doors, or even how heavy a 'fill' there is on the walls. A usful addition to your floorplan collection although... who wants to start a brawl in a forge? The smith might get annoyed and he has loads of stuff with which to spoil your whole day!

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Reviewed: 5 January 2017