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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5: Frozen Whispers

Frozen Whispers

This adventure can be located anywhere convenient in your campaign world: all you need is a remote hunter's lodge in woodland someplace cold - up a mountain or near the arctic regions or even just somewhere that's having a cold spell and plenty of snow. The background for the DM explains how a series of unfortunate events has led to the emergence of some quite nasty monsters... but it is likely the first the party will know of them is when they get hunted by them!

Some hooks are provided, the basic need is to find the party a reason to be going to the hunting lodge preferably without any idea as to what is going on there. The adventure itself is an event-based one, set in the lodge and the forest around it. The encounters should prove unnerving and at times quite challenging as the party slowly realises what they are getting into. If you like running horror stories, there's ample opportunity here to build up a scary and horrific atmosphere deep in the snow-bound forest.

It is, however, quite possible to complete the adventure (and deal with all the threats) without ever understanding what was going on. Of course, this can play well if it's a horror story you are after - sometimes it is more scary if you never find out! There are some suggestions for follow-up adventures, and it could only be then that the party begin to understand the tragic events in that chilly forest. Play up the horror angle and you will have a memorable game!

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Reviewed: 19 June 2016