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Pathfinder RPG: Dwellers Amid Bones

Dwellers Amid Bones

It appears that nothing is sacred: the burial cairn of an orc tribe has been utilised as a lair by a couple of drakes whose marauding has led the local lordling to ask the party to clear them out. That's the adventure in a nutshell, but of course there is quite a lot more than that!

There's quite an amusing foreword from the author where he explains that he has up to now avoided asking any party to fight undead AND dragons at the same time... and the customary masterclass in the anatomy of an encounter which every GM ought to read at least once. This adventure is designed to be run in a single session, so can make a good side adventure during the course of whatever major plotline you might be running.

The adventure background for the GM explains the history of the burial cairn - quite an advanced concept for normally savage and uncivilised orcs - which is probably of more interest to archaeologists and historians that your average adventurer, then we move on to look at how to introduce the adventure to the party. As mentioned above, the local lordling would like the problem dealt with and sends one of his staff to speak with them. Provision is made for Knowledge (local or history) checks to reveal more information and for asking the locals what they know, with an added twist if you happen to have any party members with orcish blood - rather neat it is, too!

The site that must be visited is a few days' travel away in the hills. It is a small underground complex, replete with detail... and the possibility of an unusual ally should the party choose to talk rather than fight upon encountering him. Part of the cave system is submerged which presents its own challenges. Several suggestions are nade as to further adventures stemming from this one, a nice way to embed even a side-adventure into your campaign.

Overall it presents a neat and believeable interlude with a few interesting choices to be made, particularly if you have half-orcs amongst your party.

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Reviewed: 2 April 2016