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Mongoose Traveller (2300AD): Black as Pitch

Black as Pitch

This adventure is the third and final part of the Grendelssaga, which began with Rescue Run and continued with Salvage Rights. It really only works if you have run the preceding two adventures in the trilogy, as too much of the plot relies on the party having been involved in earlier events. Against a background of renewed exploration on Grendel which the party are not invited to participate in, they instead are invited to RebCo to dicuss a job offer... a rather interesting one which will land them back on Grendel anyway!

As one might expect, their path will not be a smooth one - and plenty detail is supplied to enable the Referee to manage events. Once they get there, the excitement is not over and there are considerable opportunities for interaction with both humans and Pentapods as well as some major exploration... and plenty of action and combat too, so this should prove entertaining for virtually all groups. For those interested in alien races, this adventure provides a prime opportunity to learn hitherto unguessed-at things about Pentapods.

As ever, there is masses of additional material - equipment, weapons, vehicles, locations, alien species and more - which is not just useful here but may play a role in your own adventures. There is also an appendix giving more information about Pentapods as well as others covering various factions (human and Pentapod) which again provide fertile ground for further adventure.

Taken as a whole, the Grendelsaga makes for an excellent adventure, and it is far better to run all three components together. Again, better proofreading would have improved this book, but the sheer wealth of information rounding out this particular corner of known space makes this book and the whole series fascinating and invaluable.

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Reviewed: 23 March 2016