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Pathfinder RPG: The Devil We Know 2: Cassomirís Locker

The Devil We Know 2: Cassomir's Locker

Whilst this adventure is linked to The Devil We Know 1: Shipyard Rats, you don't need to have played it first to enjoy this one, although it does give a sense of continuity of plot that can be rare in shared campaigns. If you like that, there are two more adventures in The Devil We Know series later in Season 1.

As usual, we open with a detailed backstory of what is going on for the GM's eyes only, leading up to how the party gets involved in the action. Cassomir has been suffering from a plague of kidnappings of late, but one victim has managed to escape and lived long enough to tell her story to a local Pathfinder Venture Captain before expiring from her injuries and a nasty bout of filth fever she'd picked up. So the Venture Captain, one Hestia Themis, summons the party and tasks them with investigating the sewers where the kidnappers - believed to be derro - are operating and (unsurprisingly, this is the Pathfinders after all) to look for an artefact called the jet rat which they apparently have. This turns regular rats into giant mean vicious ones and of course the Pathfinders want it.

Briefing given, the party will have to head down into the sewers to undertake their mission. It's not a nice place... and that's before you meet those who live down there! With a bit of imagination, it's possible to make this a vivid and unpleasant trip for the party. There are some surprises down here as well. Faction missions fit in quite nearly, although faction members may want to conduct them covertly as otherwise fellow party members may wonder just what they are doing!

Overall this is a good if basic delve adventure, with the edge of it being in fairly unpleasant surroundings. Fighting aplenty and a spot of trap-finding but no real opportunities for role-playing interaction except at the point of a sword! If you're running this at home, you might want to take the underlying plot and make a lot more of it, here it is used merely as the reason for the delve.

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Reviewed: 17 March 2016