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The One Ring: Words of the Wise

Words of the Wise

Originally written for Gen Con 2011 when The One Ring was launched, this makes a nice little side-trip adventure to slot into your campaign... or perhaps a little more as it introduces them to a couple of major players and gets them imbroiled in politics and a battle! It's probably not quite a campaign-starter, however, as the party is already well in with the Woodmen of Rhosgobel - unless at least one character is in a position to arrange for this. It could work well as an early adventure once they have got a little established, though. If you do want to start your campaign with it, a handy little back-story is provided (remeber, this was a convention adventure for a new game) to account for why they are where they are.

The adventure proper starts with an atmospheric hunt with the Woodmen, with whom the party has been spending the winter. Plenty of directed opportunity is provided for the party to strut their stuff - from boasting to actual hunting - serving as an introduction to the rules as well as aiding role-playing interaction. The hunt is interrupted, and this interruption leads to an errand on behalf of the Woodmen and the wizard Radagast himself to the Elves of Mirkwood. Needless to say there's some adventure on the way, and it all ends up with a battle in which the characters may take part... in all, there's quite a lot going on.

Resources for running the actual adventure are reasonably complete, although no stat-blocks are provided for those enountered, not even the ones the party is expected to fight! You will find them in the core rulebook, which also contains pre-generated characters (one of whom is referred to in the text) which you could use. A 'quick start' this is not, but it does convey an impression of the whole style and manner of this game extremely well.

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Reviewed: 3 March 2016