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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5: The Eternal Obelisk

The Eternal Obelisk

Enthralled by tales of an obelisk deep in the Qadirian deserts that confers eternal life, a young noblewoman infatuated by the whole concept of the Pathfinder Society heads off to find it... alas this results in her petrified head being found clutched in the arms of a dead mercenary. Her father lays the blame at the Society's door, and the party is sent into the wastes to discover the obelisk, find out what happened to the noblewoman and return her remains to her distraught family.

The DM's introduction lays out the true background to this tale, then the adventure opens with the party in the Pathfinder Society Lodge in Kadeera, getting their mission... and then jumps three days (assuming they take the offered camels) to set them at the entrance to the underground complex where this obelisk is said to be located. If you have the time and inclination you may prefer to cover the desert journey in more detail, should a spot of sun, sand and suffering appeal. The complex is well-described and a plan provided for your use, with a selection of puzzles, traps and hostile encounters for the party to contend with as they search for the obelisk, its current owner and its secrets. However the layout is a bit odd, with the plan and main description separated from the 'read aloud' text and encounter notes.

A nice touch is that, if the party wins through to the end, they'll find a text that explains everything - although they may have figured out some of it already. Faction missions are appropriate and offer a two-layered approach: a core task that garners one prestige point upon completion with an addition point available if a follow-up task is also performed. Overall it's a neat adventure, lacking in role-playing opportunities but full of the exploration and adventure that you join the Pathfinder Society to enjoy!

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Reviewed: 15 February 2016