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New World of Darkness: Overly Specific Condition Cards

Overly Specific Condition Cards

Originally released as a spoof product to 'celebrate' April Fool's Day 2014, this collection of 14 Condition cards proved to be popular enough to leave available. It's free to download the PDF so easy to check out, and even if you decide that you want actual cards you only need to pay a couple of dollars for them.

As you can imagine, most are pretty silly. But read them... they actually work. Perhaps your character has fallen ill/been knocked out or something - or you cannot make it to the game - apply the 'Extended Hiatus' Condition, and if you're there you can play a temporary character but any Beats you earn go to your regular character instead. If you are absent, tag another character: on your return your character gets the same number of Beats as the other character earned during your absence. Neat, huh?

There's a lot of a 'I didn't know I needed that' feel about them, things you might never have considered but once you see it there all neatly laid out (and you have stopped laughing) you start to see how you might be able to make use of them in your game. Others are less useful but could be used to effect - take 'Broke a Mirror on Friday the 13th' for example. Use this on a character who really screws up one thing. Under this Condition, the Storyteller can introduce one really scary thing from a past World of Darkness book to terrorise your character. The drawback for the Storyteller is, she has to convert its rules to be compliant with the God-Machine Chronicle rules up-date. Have a brawl or otherwise chase it off, resolve the Condition and get on with your life (or unlife if applicable).

Or perhaps you'd like the persistent Condition 'Monster Shares Your Hobby' - whenever you go to an event or practise your hobby in public, that darn monster turns up doing the same thing there as well. At least you'll know where to find him... but you can only resolve it by one of you dropping that particular pastime. And when you are feeling swamped, take the 'Extensive Collection of Conditions' Condition - replacing four other Conditions with it. Then you get to change a Virtue or a Vice in a sort of mid-life crisis.

Not as silly as you might expect, these are things that will make you go 'Hmmm'

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Reviewed: 25 January 2016