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This company was formed in May 2007 by Chris Tavares Dias (reputedly over sushi) as a vehicle for publishing material relating to his own long-running 'Amethyst' campaign, initially using the D20 ruleset, but a year later it was decided to switch to the then-new Dungeons & Dragons 4e system. Subsequently it has also been translated to Pathfinder, and concepts developed further to produce NeuroSpasta - a universal Modern/Science-Fiction adaptation of D&D 4e - and Apex, a superhero game.

  • Amethyst - where fantasy and technology collide
  • Apex - superheroes game using D&D 4e
  • NeuroSpasta - Espionage/Counterterrorism/Cyberpunk
  • Ultramodern - resources for running modern/future games

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Company Section last updated: 18 June 2014