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Free RPG Day 2014

Free RPG Day 2014

Free RPG Day is on Saturday 21 June 2014. Here's what is on offer:-

  • Paizo: Pathfinder Adventure Risen from the Sands
  • Paizo: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game 4-Pack
  • Catalyst Game Lab: Cosmic Patrol Quickstart
  • Goodman Games: DCC RPG Adventure
  • Catalyst Game Lab: Shadowrun/A Time of War Quickstart Flipbook
  • Q Workshop: Modern FUDGE Dice
  • Calalyst Game Lab: Valiant Universe RPG QuickStart
  • Chessex: Commemerative Dice
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess: RPG Quickstart: "The Doom Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children"
  • Onyx Path Publishing: Mage20 Quickstart
  • Pelgrane Press: 13th Age Adventure
  • Atherton Haight: Adventure Book Sampler: Time Travel Dinosaur
  • Troll Lord Games: Castles & Crusades Adventure
  • Blue Panther: Unique Dice Tower
  • Boothroyd & Allnut: Godsfall RPG Quickstart
  • Off World Designs: Free RPG Day Employee T-Shirt (XL) - which you won't get as it might annoy the employee wearing it, I just included it so that Off World Designs' generousity is recorded.
  • Break From Reality Games: GripMat, 8"x8" Sampler

Page last updated: 31 May 2014