Skortched Urf` Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios

Complete Product List

Gamers themselves over the last three decades, Skortched Urf' Studios aim to produce resources for the sort of games they like to play, in the hope that others will enjoy them as well!

  • Adventurer Essentials - written for Dungeons & Dragons 3e, but should provide useful ideas for any fantasy game
  • D20 Fantasy - various resources for Dungeons & Dragons 3e
  • Adventure Blocks - for Dungeons & Dragons 3e
  • Department 7 Advanced Class Updates - a collection of Advanced Classes for D20 Modern
  • Department 7 Technology Updates - equipment aimed at futuristic D20 Modern settings
  • Adventure Blocks D20 Modern
  • Otherverse Games - selection of resources, mostly for D20 Modern
  • The Thinking Races - new PC races for Dungeons & Dragons 3e
  • Free20 - freebies for D20 games
  • Traveller - materials for the Mongoose Publishing version of Traveller

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Company Section last updated: 6 September 2009