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Hunter The Reckoning: Hunter Book - Judge

Hunter Book: Judge

Justice served, or just blind? What motivates this type of Hunter and convinces him he's right?

Publisher's blurb: "'For your crimes against humanity, I find you guilty! May God have mercy on your soul!' Judges: the self-appointed law among hunters. Judges understand that evil is a choice, not an affliction. The abomination who stalks and kills people can be a monster... or one of the imbued. What makes these hunters decide who lives and dies? Arrogance? Prudence? Insight? The answer could tip the scales.

"Hunter Book: Judge is part of a Hunter: The Reckoning series dedicated to the creeds, the character types of the imbued. Learn Judges' philosophies, motives and ultimate goals in weighing the crimes of the supernatural. All these new Traits, edges and rules help ensure the punishment fits the crime. Court is always in session."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Michael Lee, Michael Mearls, John Snead, and Greg Stolze
Publishers' Reference: WW8107
ISBN: 1-56504-743-5
Paperback, 96 pages
Date: 2000

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Product page last updated: 22 July 2008