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Final Redoubt Press have taken an exciting and innovative approach to publishing a campaign setting and adventure series. Starting with characters who might very well know little or nothing about the world they explore, players can discover Meridrin even as the story unfolds. With each new adventure, player and character alike will discover a world rich in excitement and adventure, a world as intriguing as their GM can make - and every full adventure is available in D20, HARP, Hero System and RoleMaster formats, so you can enjoy the campaign whichever ruleset you favour.

  • Adventure Seeds - set in the Echoes of Heaven campaign, but systemless
  • The Echoes of Heaven - D&D 3e
  • The Echoes of Heaven - D&D 4e
  • The Echoes of Heaven - HARP
  • The Echoes of Heaven - Hero System
  • The Echoes of Heaven - RoleMaster

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Company Section last updated: 31 December 2009